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Getting Prepared for Ofsted

*The resource pack has been fully REVISED and UPDATED ready for the NEW Inspections of September 2019 *

  • A treasure chest of valuable and essential resources for headteachers
  • It contains essential documents and tools to help you prepare for the New 2019 Ofsted Inspections
  • Booklets to print out for staff and governors
  • Teaching observation tools and forms to record observations
  • Advice on how to do well and take control of the inspection
  • Checklists for headteachers
  • No school should be without this valuable resource if they want to do well in inspection
  • All documents, tools and resources are in WORD Format for you to print out and circulate to staff and governors to help them prepare for inspection

Documents In The Resource Box

On the memory card you will find a yellow folder. When you open the yellow folder you will see three more folders. These folders contain documents for you to download and use to help you and your school prepare for inspection.

Folder 1: Preparing For Inspection Resources 2019
This folder contains seven inspection preparation booklets and fourteen documents to help you prepare for inspection.

Folder 2: Ofsted Inspection Documents 2019
This folder contains the relevant statutory Ofsted documents including the EIF and Handbooks for section 5 and Section 8.

Folder 3: Classroom Tools for Self-evaluation
This folder contains self-evaluation documents for you to use and to build up your evidence. 

Cost £140 PLUS VAT postage and package free


Please complete the details for your order and select the resource pack(s) that you require.

Resource pack(s) and invoice(s) will be sent into school.

• Payment is due within 28 days of invoice

School Resource(s) required*

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