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Excellence in Education Ltd

Excellence in Education Ltd

Working with Schools to Promote Excellence in Education by
Offering Headteachers a High Level of Valuable Professional Support


Can our school split the cost of the service over two financial years? 

Yes we are happy to split the payments and send two invoices across two financial years. 

How are advisers allocated? 

We will discuss with the Headteacher the schools specific requirements and we will make some suggestions of advisers who we believe will be an excellent fit for the school. The Headteacher will then make a decision of who they feel would best suit the school. A school may also request an adviser if they have been given a personal recommendation.

If a school would like to have a change of adviser at any point please contact Jenny and we will be happy to arrange this for you. 

can my school purchase additional days of support? 

Within the cost of the package 3 full day school visits are included. These can be split into 6 half days. A school may purchase additional days at the following rate: 

The cost of additional days:                                                                                                                              Full day £750.00 plus VAT (Exclusive of travel)                                                                                    Half day £450.00 plus Vat (Exclusive of travel) 

Do you have avalibilty for this year?

We are currently able to accommodate a small number of additional schools. Please contact Jenny to discuss joining the support service. 

Who happens if i have a Question or eMergency  out of normal school hours? 

Headteachers are given the home and mobile contact details of their own adviser and all of our advisory team in case of an emergency. We offer 24 hours support and we are happy to answer any questions out of hours. 

Excellence in Education Ltd.