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Excellence in Education Ltd

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Deep dives into subjects of the curriculum

An INSET Training Pack for Schools

This INSET training package helps schools audit the quality of education in the subjects of their curriculum. It shows schools how to conduct their own deep dives into subjects. It helps schools to prepare for Ofsted.

The training package consists of:

1. A PowerPoint presentation of slides for schools to use in INSET to train their staff

There is guidance in the pack to explain how the PowerPoint can be used and different ways it can be delivered to suit your school. 

2. A training handbook for staff with an annex which contains the following tools for Deep Dives.

  • Deep Dive questions for Headteachers and the SLMT
  • An Audit of the Quality of Education in a subject:
  • Ofsted Judgement Criteria.
  • An Audit for A Deep Dive into Reading
  • Deep Dive questions for subject leaders
  • An Audit for A Deep Dive into a subject
  • An Audit for A Deep Dive into Safeguarding


£180 plus VAT includes first class postage

Please complete the details for your order and select the resource pack(s) that you require.

Resource pack(s) and invoice(s) will be sent into school.

• Payment is due within 28 days of invoice

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