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Excellence in Education Ltd

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100 Key Policies for Schools

 Writing policies is time consuming for headteachers so we’ve written them for you. Our resource pack provides you with the all the key policies you need.

There are  127 key policies and other leadership documents in the resource pack. All the policies have been written in Word format and are ready for you to modify and customise. The policies have all been re-alligned to reflect OFSTED's 2019 focus on INTENT, IMPLEMENTATION and IMPACT.

The resource box also includes a booklet that sets out a simple step-by-step strategy for writing further policies.

All the policies are contained on a stylish USB memory card for you carry with you. This excellent resource saves you weeks of work.

It is cost effective and saves valuable leadership time –In the time it saves it pays for its self over and over again.

All at approximately £1.00 a policy!

It’s an essential resource for every head!

Cost £140.00 PLUS VAT including postage and packaging

All policies are written to be effective working documents and so each is no longer than one page of A4


  • A Booklet setting out the rationale for policies in schools.
  • A step by step strategy for writing policies.

Please complete the details for your order and select the resource pack(s) that you require.

Resource pack(s) and invoice(s) will be sent into school.

• Payment is due within 28 days of invoice

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